JICA Public Administration Capacity Development Advisor
Area of specialization: 
Capacity Development, Governance, Public Administration, Qualitative Research, Strategic/Results Based Management, Systems Thinking
* PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, Fielding Graduate University, California/USA (2010) * MBA, Yale School of Management, Connecticut/USA (1994) * MA in Comparative and International Development Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New

2011- present

International Management Group (IMG), Inc. Yokohama, Japan Partner, Analytical and Advisory Services


JICA Public Administration Capacity Development Advisor, Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC), Kathmandu, Nepal

  • To provide strategic, managerial, and operational support to NASC to effectively (and efficiently at the same time) respond to the expanding demands asked of the institution due to Nepal’s federated governance mechanism.
  • Day-to-day operational support to focus on “Category 1: Serving Learners and Clients” and “Category 2: Learning and Growth” of Nepal Administrative Staff College Strategic Plan 2072/73 to 2076/77.


JICA School Management Expert, Project for Improving Organizational Capacity of Technical and Vocational Training Center Senegal-Japan, Dakar, Senegal

  • Supported drafting process of a new Ministerial Order by the Ministry of Vocational Training, Learning and Crafts for the reorganization of the Center’s school management arrangement as independent administrative agency by providing expert input to the contents and thinking of the organizational changes.
  • Provided advisory support to the Center’s School Management Committee on the new direction toward self-sustainable operational structure and arrangement.


JICA Management of Training Expert, Project on Support for Community Engagement in Local Governance (SCLG), Thimphu (with missions to Punakha, Mongar, Dagana), Bhutan

  • Conducted consultation meetings with Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR), and Royal Institute of Management (RIM) on the current framework/approaches and practices on capacity development of Local Government (LG) functionaries.
  • Formulated and delivered training program for LG functionaries about effective facilitation skills for community training.
  • Constructed a guideline on facilitation techniques for delivering community training, titled Facilitators' Guide for Community Training, expected to be ground-launched for nationwide use through Department of Local Governance (DLG), Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA).

JICA Operational Procedure Analysis Expert, Project on Capacity Building for Kaizen Implementation in the African Union Commission, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Reviewed methodologies and experiences of the Kaizen approach (continuous improvement of business practices) within the institution, analyzed procedural gaps among different parts of the organization, facilitated inter-departmental dialogue for further improvement, documented next steps, and platformed sharing opportunities for the way forward.


JICA Capacity Assessment of State-Owned Enterprises Expert, Strengthening Farm Mechanization Project Phase II, Paro (with mission to Bajo), Bhutan

  • Assessed organizational capacity of Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL), a newly created State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) branched out from Agriculture Machinery Center (AMC) under the Department of Agriculture (DOA) at Ministry of Agriculture and Forest (MoAF).
  • Conducted informational hearing with CEOs of referential SOE and board members of FMCL drawn from MoAF, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Ministry of Finance.
  • Identified critical and missing organizational capacity required for executing businesses set forth for the corporation, including analysis on involving female staff in critical functions.
  • Formulated Capacity Development Plan of FMCL to fill the gap identified for more effective functioning.


JICA Governance Advisor, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Analyzed overall governance system of Nepal and its major actors including Development Partners, and provided advisory support to JICA Nepal Office and JICA projects with a view to promoting further alignment and synergy in the country’ local governance sector.
  • Represented JICA for Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), a rapid damage and loss assessment exercise response to the 2015 earthquake, and served as member of the Nepal’s National Planning Commission (NPC) led PDNA secretariat along with World Bank, UN system, Asian Development Bank, and European Union colleagues for coordination and drafting/editing of integrative report, as well as joined PDNA governance team for on-site damage inspection and writing up of assessment report.


JICA Project Evaluator

  • Project for Capacity Development on Integrated Water Resources Management in the Sefidrud River Basin, Iran (Appraisal)
  • Project for Capacity Enhancement in Public Investment Programming Phase II (CEPSIP2), Malawi (Terminal)
  • Project on Improvement of Service and Safety of Railway, Myanmar (Terminal) Advancing Co-Design of Integrated Strategies with Adaptation to Climate Change in Thailand (Appraisal)
  • Industrial Automation Technology (IAT) Extension Project for Central Asian and Middle East Countries, Turkey (Terminal)
  • Project for Capacity Building of Capital Market, Mongolia (Appraisal)
  • Project for Traffic Demand Management of Historical Area in Istanbul, Turkey (Terminal)


JICA Ex-Post Independent Evaluator

  • Capacity Development of Provincial Rural Development in Northern Provinces, Cambodia
  • Local Governance and Rural Empowerment Project for Davao Region, Philippines


JICA Researcher, Horizontal Learning Program (HLP), Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Conducted a systematic analysis of Horizontal Learning Program (HLP), a multi-donor platform to promote and support local governance mechanism and functioning, to which JICA committed to contribute this analytical work.
  • Presented findings to HLP partner forum represented by government, donor, and civil society community working on the country’s local governance agenda.
  • Compiled Report on the Assessment of the Contribution of Horizontal Learning Program (HLP) to/from JICA Projects in Bangladesh, distributed widely to the like-minded institutions


JICA Qualitative Analysis of Participant Observation Data Expert, Project for Sustainable Forest Management in the Northwest Watershed Area (SUSFORM-NOW), Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Analyzed Project prepared participant observation records (monthly summary and field notes) as well as information obtained through complementary field visits.
  • Examined the presence/absence of the traces of endogenous development in the minds and lives of the pilot site villagers and their communities, including that focusing women’s participation.
  • Determined factors that induced the occurrence of development or non-development, to the extent possible linking to the implementation of pilot activities. Recommended to the Project concerned parties on how to proceed and extend post midterm evaluation pilot site participatory activities.