Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit an abstract?

Abstract submissions must be done online using the abstract submissions system. You can upload your abstract from https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnyYCszDn8A9JYGddyOLbn-o0nI-YBZTMIvqEL9whXanVPeQ/viewform


Can I send my abstract via email?

You must upload your abstract to the website system. It is the only way your proposal will be considered.


My abstract (paper) seems related to the theme or sub-theme of the conference. Can I still submit an abstract?

Yes. If the abstract passed review process, then the conference organizing committee may allocate a session in accordance with the topic.


How are the abstracts evaluated?

Abstracts are evaluated based on a combination of predetermined criteria and selected through reviews by the scientific committee of the conference and scholars specialized in the field.


When will I receive a response?

You will normally receive a notification in two weeks. However, the scientific committee sometimes prefers to evaluate all the abstracts together. Thus, please wait for the abstract submission deadline. If you need to learn about the status of your abstract review, you can directly contact the conference secretariat: conference@nasc.org.np


My abstract has been accepted, but I did not receive the acceptance letter.

If your abstract has been marked as accepted on the conference website, but you did not receive the acceptance letter, you can contact the conference secretariat so they can send you the acceptance letter: conference@nasc.org.np


How can I submit my full paper?

Please see the conference brochure at http://www.nasc.org.np/conference/conference-details  and abstract submission guidelines at: http://www.nasc.org.np/conference/guidelines


If I could not present at the conference, will I be rewarded certificate for my paper?

In such a case, we cannot issue a certificate.


When should I register?

Registration process starts once your abstract is accepted. Accepted abstract paper will be notified by the conference secretariat.


When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for the registration can be seen in the key dates section on the website of the event.


Can you send me an Official Invitation Letter for the Visa purposes?

We provide an official invitation letter that you can use for visa purpose. Obtaining visa is the responsibility of delegates.


Is there any financial assistance to the paper presenter?

We do not have any financial assistance to the paper presenter. However, local hospitality (including food and other utilities) during the conference period will be offered.


Can I bring a companion with me to the conference?

People who are not registered can also attend the conference as an audience with prior approval from conference secretariat. But, they are not provided with conference materials and other conference related benefits. 


What will I get when I arrive at the conference venue? 

You will receive a name badge at the registration desk and the other conference materials.


Will accommodation be managed by the conference organizing committee?

No, there is no accommodation facility provided by the organizing committee. Paper presenters have to arrange their accommodations on their own. However, if you require logistical support, we can assist to find appropriate accommodation in convenient place.


Can I do a presentation in a language other than English?

The official language of the conference is English and all papers and presentations are being requested in English language.