Governance and Development Management Learning Group (GDMLG)

GDMLG is semi-autonomous learning group (department)responsible for designing and executing training, research and consulting related programmes mainly in the areas of governance and public service delivery, public policy and state management, project management including public procurement, and disaster andclimate risk management.

GDMLG provides the following services:

  • Undertake training and development activities in the area of governance and development management
  • Conduct policy and strategic researches for contributing to generate knowledge on public governance
  • Provide consulting services both for public and private sectors in the areas of development management, governance, public policy and state management
  • Identify and execute innovative initiatives for professional development of the faculties of the centers as well as NASC on its thematic stream, and
  • ¬†Develop and implement internal improvement programmes

GDMLG has following specialized Centres:

  1. Centre for Governance and State Management
  2. Centre for Development Policy and Management
  3. Centre for Project Management
  4. Centre for Procurement Management
  5. Centre for Climate Change