Centre for Research and Development

Centre for Research and Development

The main objectives of CRD set out in the terms of reference prepared to conduct research are as follows:

  • Analyze and identify research areas
  • Conduct research in the functional areas of NASC
  • Manage NASC research grant and research activities
  • Develop norms and procedures of research and impact study of training programmes organized by NASC
  • Prepare  research plan/program in consultation with other  functional units and get approval from concerned authority and implement it
  • Ensure adequate support  for undertaking activities  assigned by the Department
  • Maintain quality of research and development

The major functions of CRD are described in terms of functional and thematic streams. Each is described below:
Functional Streams

  • Research and development
  • Research approaches and procedures
  • Coordination, facilitation and quality control of research work
  • Network and relationships with national and foreign research institutions
  • Training on research skills

Thematic Streams

  • Management system and process
  • Human resource management system and process
  • Organisation  behaviour
  • Public policy and planning
  • Development  related areas
  • Governance and state management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing management
  • Knowledge management
  • Others  (management /development /public  policy  related areas)

Academic Programme Unit

The objective of this Unit is to study feasibility of academic programme in the area of public policy and governance, explore possibilities to collaborative with Universities for partnership, design academic programme and prepare for implementation.