HR Solutions


Service rendered to Ministry of Agricultural Development

In the changed context of governance after the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal and institutional arrangement of GoN under federal constitution, implementation of three tiers structure to deliver services to the public has become imperative for all sectoral ministries. The required provisions under new institutional arrangements demand HR competency mapping of every institution to align with the Government mission of delivering services to public at large. This calls for human resource development planning to ensure availability of capable and committed manpower; improve competencies; enhance effectiveness; foster teamwork; facilitate career development; increase job satisfaction; improve decision-making; manage change and conflicts; succession planning; and environmental adaptation. In order to meet these needs, HRD plan has been prepared for building competent workforce who will contribute to achieve its mission of reducing poverty through increased agricultural production and productivity to help the nation for improved self-sufficiency through commercial and competitive agricultural systems. The plan has considered the present mandate of federalization, analysis of present HR capacity competency (education, training and experience) to meet the government and public expectations for enhanced service quality and meet service demand.



Service rendered to Ministry of Livestock Development

Considering human resource as a vital factor to achieve the organizational goal, objectives and improve efficiency in service delivery, Ministry of Livestock Development decided to develop human resource development plan with detailed assessment of its existing and future human resources needed in order to deliver its stated objectives in the changed context of governance after federalization. Considering the present mandate of federalization for agricultural sector development, the present HR capacity (staffs number 4261) and competency (Education, Training and Experience) of MoLD required to be analyzed and planned in order to meet the government and public expectations as well as improve the service delivery processes with better ability and efficiency in order to reduce the capacity and competency risk.
The team conducted a thorough analysis of its present HR competency, provided a defined HR competency framework of MoLD in the changed context, and also conducted an HR demand and supply analysis in terms of capabilities for better service as per the new federal institutional arrangements.