NASC Discussion

Title: Historicity of Civil Service in Nepal: Experiences and Reflections

Title: Public Administration in Nepal: Reflection from the Public Service Commission

Title: Public Administration in Nepal: Past, Present, and Future

Title: Civil Service System as a Long-Running Agenda for Japan's Public Administration Reform

TitleNepali Public Administration: My Life, My Contribution

Title: Fiscal Decentralization (FD) in Nepal: A case of Banepa Municipality

Title: Corruption as a Diagnostic of Power: Ethnographic Details of Road Building in the Himalayas

Title: GIS: Spatial Data Analysis and Decision Making

Title: Provincial Governance Institutional Arrangement in the Federal Nepal

Moderator: Punya Prasad Neupane, Executive Director, NASC

Speakers: Dr. Jagadish Chandra Pokharel, Former Vice-chairperson, National Planning Commission and Trilochan Pokharel, Director of Studies, NASC

Title: An Analysis of Implementation of Affirmative Action Policy in Nepal's Civil Service by Mr. Rabindra Manandhar

Relationship of Employee's Human Capital; Performance and Promotion in Nepalese Civil Services by Ms. Sarita Adhikari


Mr. Rabindra Manandhar and Ms. Sarita Adhikari are Section Officers of the Government of Nepal and currently pursuing their Master’s Degree at Yamaguchi University of Japan under JDS fellowship. The presentations are based on their research being carried out in respective areas. Details of the program are as follows: