Participatory Planning and Project Proposal Writing


Participatory planning is a planning paradigm that emphasizes involving the community in the strategic and management process of planning. Many times projects planned and developed are not owned by the societies, implemented and operated properly hence fail during implementation. Amongst the public sector projects, some are donor driven; others are conceptualized from top down approach. What is the gap in intervening is to involve people in project planning and implementation process.  The government of Nepal, in many instances, first allocates budgets and then starts preparing projects. So, during the end of fiscal year, it has been found that large percentage of development expenditure remains unexpended. It seems clearly in the government system that there lacks attitude and competency to identify projects based on participation and prepare project proposal.

The overall objective of the training program is to enhance the capability in areas of participatory project planning and proposal development. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concept, process, and importance of participatory project planning
  • Identify and analyze projects based on the participatory approach
  • Explain the process of developing the project proposal
  • Develop a project proposal

Course Contents

  • Development Concept and participatory Planning
  • Participatory Project Identification and Pre-Selection
  • Logical Framework Analysis
  • Project Proposal Development