Leadership and Management

Leadership has always been considered as a critical element for organizational transformation, growth and success. This is equally true for all organizations regardless of their nature, size and areas of operation. Dynamics of global political environment, the national political transformation, changing socio-economic landscape of the country, and technological innovations worldwide have been altering the way of leading and managing organizations whether public or private.
In this competitive world, the aspiring leaders need to learn about self-management, innovative and creative practices, effective communication and decision making in order to tackle challenges and gain out of the opportunities that is laid ahead. In short, a good leader must have a comprehensive understanding of oneself and also be able to understand the different aspects of human behavior in different situations. 

Overall Aim and Objectives
The program aims at enhancing competencies of the officers to develop leadership competencies and managerial skills required to perform effectively in their work organization and make a positive difference.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the leadership as a process, and analyze their leadership potential in given situations,
  • Analyze the core competencies required for a leader to bring about change and transformation in the organizational systems, process and people,
  • Recognize the integrity and ethics as foundation of leadership and integrity building as practical approach to solve integrity problems in organizations,
  • Identify practical ways to develop interpersonal relationship skills,
  • Illustrate the process of strategic planning and major considerations in strategic implementation and control, and
  • Demonstrate better understanding of decision making techniques in different situations (e.g. uncertainty, complexities, high risk consequences etc.).

Content Outline
The Course is structured into essential components of leadership and management. The session topics includes;

  • Understanding and Managing Self
  • Building Integrity
  • Managing Stress
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Managing Relationships
  • Coordination and Cooperation
  • Managing for Results: Issues and Challenges
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Managing Conflicts and Negotiating Effectively
  • Fostering innovation in public sector: Role of ICT
  • Organizational learning and knowledge management
  • Organization Development

Training Approach and Methodology
The program is based on social learning approach including interactive presentation, case-based learning, syndicate discussion, individual exercise, role play, etc. In order to promote the team learning, effective environment will be created where the participants can explore as well as share the valuable experiences in the classroom.

Target Group:
The target group of this training includes officers of public enterprises, securities agencies, bank and financial institutions, corporate sector and so on.