Professional Course on Management and Development (PCMD)

Role of public management is instrumental for ensuring good governance and achieve development goals of the nation. Public service is considered as crucial vehicle for implementing transformation efforts led by the government using new approaches and techniques of public management. The role of public officials, thus, lies in recognizing and further expanding their role in the changed context to produce deliverables with available level of resources.

Restructuring of state has gained momentum with successful election and formation of government at all levels- local, provincial and federal level- as envisioned by the Constitution of Nepal. Now, the role of newly elected governments and their policies are expected to deliver public aspirations of peace, good governance, prosperity and development.

This is possible with ethical, competent and efficient public officials in managing resources, relationships and results effectively. As a foundational role bearers of public service, Class-III (equivalent) officers of the government as aspiring mid-executives have vital role in executing policy and programmes as change agents for effective public service delivery. Hence, capacity building of this level is critical for successful functioning of public sector and managing change effectively.

In this connection, NASC has redesigned existing inservice training course on Management and Development targeted for the Class-III (equivalent) officers of government organizations. The redesign process is built on the premise of developing core competencies of the officers required to perform their role effectively. Detailed learning needs assessment was conducted to identify competency framework for these officers and identifying gaps in required competencies adopting widely accepted methodologies including individual questionnaires, supervisory assessment, focused group discussions and expert opinions. Similarly, practices of similar course providing institutions in Asia and other countries were thoroughly reviewed and observed in designing the new Course. This course has been peer reviewed by experts engaged in public sector capacity building.

The Course incorporates both perspective building as well as skill developing contents with practical innovative learning component- Engaging with Local Governments.

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