Project Management

Projects are the means to execute the development plan and programs Projects have an instrumental role for the development of nation. They help to achieve development goals within given time frame and thereby enhance competitiveness. Emphasis has been given on effective management of development projects, and institutional arrangements. A number of projects of national importance have been formulated and implemented in the same line. Accordingly, project officials are involved in the different phases of project cycle management ranging from project concept development to the post-completion of projects. Therefore, they require sound knowledge and skills in the areas of project management. Evidences have also suggested that capacity of the project officers need to be enhanced in the light of changing environment so as to manage projects effectively and efficiently. In this contest, NASC organizes this training to enhance knowledge and skills of project officials for effective management of projects and delivering results.

The overall objective of the training is to enhance core competencies of mid-level of project officials in the area of project management. So, that they can ensure delivery of results efficiently and effectively.

After the completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Formulate and appraise projects for development,
  • Develop project plan, and
  • Implement projects effectively and efficiently.

Course Contents

  • Project formulation and appraisal
  • Project planning
  • Project implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Report writing and presentation